School and police attacked by suicide bombers in Iraq: 15 dead

Published October 6th, 2013 - 10:31 GMT
Man carries child from school bombing rubble. [photoshelter]
Man carries child from school bombing rubble. [photoshelter]

Two blasts near the Turkmen Shiite village of Qabat, near the Syrian border, has wounded 44 and killed 15 people.  The suicide bombs were detonated by bombers who rigged two separate vehicles at a primary school and a police station.

Fears that Iraq is headed towards a repeat of the 2006-2007 Sunni-Shiite conflicts that killed tens of thousands of people are rising. This is a case that proves nothing is off limits for attack.

Of those killed, five were police and 10 were children. The bomb that exploded near the school caused the roof to collapse as well. This attack came just one day after a violent attack on Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad. Seventy-three were killed at a café from a suicide bomb on Saturday.

While the government has made some efforts to compromise with releasing prisoners and ensuring higher pay for Sunni anti-Al-Quada fighters, deeper rooted issues are still festering within the groups.

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