Iraqi forces storm Daesh positions in Ramadi

Published December 23rd, 2015 - 10:30 GMT

Iraqi security forces, backed by the US-led international air coalition, started an anti-Daesh military operation in Ramadi on Tuesday, a senior Iraqi official said.

According to Sabah Karhot, head of Anbar’s provincial council, anti-terrorism forces managed to seize two districts in southern Ramadi.

Fierce clashes are taking place between Iraqi forces and Daesh militants in districts near the governmental complex in the central part of the city, Karhot added.

Iraqi security forces took control of al-Bakr district in southern Ramadi and raised the Iraqi flag on one of the district’s buildings, Brigadier General Jamal al-Delimi told Anadolu Agency.

According to al-Delimi, the army is shelling Daesh hideouts in areas near the governmental complex.

Two days ago, Iraqi planes dropped leaflets on Ramadi, demanding civilians to evacuate the city within three days.

In November, Iraqi security forces, backed by pro-government militias, had wrested control of roughly half of Ramadi.

In June of last year, Daesh overran Mosul -- Iraq’s second largest city -- before moving on to capture additional territory in both Iraq and Syria.

Iraqi government forces, along with pro-government militias and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, are currently seeking to retake Daesh-held areas with air support from the U.S.-led coalition.

Over the last year, the coalition has carried out numerous airstrikes against Daesh targets in both Iraq and Syria, forcing the militant group to withdraw from a number of areas it had previously captured, although it remains in firm control of Mosul.

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