Iraq's main Sunni bloc ends parliament boycott as mass grave found

Published December 3rd, 2007 - 01:26 GMT

Iraq's main Sunni bloc said on Monday it is ending its boycott of parliament following the release of one of its leaders from effective house arrest imposed after bombs were found near his Baghdad office. "The National Concord Front is announcing the end of its boycott of parliament and has decided to let the law take its course so that justice is served away from political influences," the Front said in a statement, cited by AFP.


The Iraqi government said on Sunday that seven detained guards of Sunni leader Adnan al-Dulaimi have tested "positive" for handling explosives after soldiers uncovered the bombs near his office on Thursday. After detonating the bombs, Iraqi forces arrested Dulaimi's son and dozens of his bodyguards. The politician was placed under house arrest on Friday, prompting the Front on Saturday to announce a boycott of parliament.


According to government spokesperson, Ali al-Dabbagh, Dulaimi was transferred on Sunday from his house to the Al-Rasheed Hotel inside Baghdad's Green Zone. "The parliamentary committee formed to deal with the issue of Dulaimi has contacted the concerned parties and has reached a settlement on this issue in terms of which Dulaimi will be allowed to resume his normal political career," the Front said in its statement.


Meanwhile, a mass grave containing the remains of 12 people has been unearthed in central Iraq. Two of the decomposed bodies were beheaded, according to an official at Fallujah General Hospital, where the bodies were taken after their discovery on Sunday.


Hospital official said some appeared to have been killed as recently as four months ago, and some of the deaths dated to 18 months ago.



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