IS threatens to kill two Lebanese hostages

Published October 27th, 2014 - 08:00 GMT

ISIS is threatening to kill two captives if demands they submitted to the Lebanese government are not met, media reported Monday.

The families of soldiers Saif Zebian and Khaled Moqbel received phone calls from alleged ISIS militants informing them the troops may soon be executed, according to the unconfirmed reports carried by several media outlets.

MTV said that ISIS issued the threat because of the Lebanese Army's siege on the militants, holed up on the outskirts of the northeast border town of Arsal.

The Army has been blocking all roads to Arsal's outskirts to shut supply lines to the militants.

Last week, Health Minister Wael Abu Faour said he had received a list of demands issued by the jihadists holding 27 Lebanese servicemen hostage.

ISIS and Nusra Front militants are reportedly demanding the release of Islamists detained in Roumieh Prison.

The Nusra Front announced earlier Monday, that it delayed the execution of Ali Bazzal who was set to be killed at dawn. The militant group threatened Sunday to "begin ending the kidnapped soldiers file" in the coming days, unless the Lebanese Army ended an offensive against militants in north Lebanon

So far ISIS has executed two soldiers while the Nusra Front has killed one.

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