ISIS militants bomb Shiite prayer hall in Jawlawla, Iraq

Published August 15th, 2014 - 04:15 GMT


In a new wave of violence, ISIS militants blew up a Shiite prayer hall and executed its muezzin Friday in Jalawla, Iraq.

Witnesses and a regional police chief said militants captured the muezzin, or Muslim prayer-caller, destroyed the hall and publically executed the muezzin. The news follows two days of brutal fighting between militants and Kurdish forces, in which Jalawla was taken by ISIS. 

Similar stories emerged from Sayed Ahmad, a village just north of Jalawla, where six policeman witnesses say six policeman were executed in similar, public fashion by the Islamist militant group.

ISIS has advanced across large areas of Iraq's Sunni areas since June, but Jawlawla is part of the mixed-sect Diyala province. 

Losing control of the area weighed heavily on the Kurdish peshmerga forces, who used it to filter activity away from Baghdad. 


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