Israel Airdrops Warning on Arabs to Stop Violence or Suffer Punishment

Published November 21st, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

An Israeli aircraft dropped leaflets on an Arab village in the West Bank Tuesday warning of "punishment" if violence continued in the area, which has seen nightly gunfights between Palestinians and Jewish settlers, villagers said. 

Villagers from al-Awja, north of Jericho near the Jordanian border, said a single ultra-light plane dropped several hundred leaflets, warning of reprisals if the violence continued. 

The statement in Arabic and signed by a group calling itself "Men of Peace," said: "We are against this violence. Arabs and Jews can live together. 

"But if this violence continues from al-Awja village, we will take Arab justice on the village leader and any person we catch harming Israelis will be punished," it added. 

"The punishment will be very harsh and will leave scars, and those who were punished will be known for what they have done. 

"We hope this statement will be enough to bring calm to the situation," it added. 

Throughout the nearly eight-week Palestinian uprising, Palestinians have shot at Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which are protected by Israeli military hardware. The nightly shooting has often provoked Israeli shelling and machine gun fire from the Israeli army. 

Although it was not clear who dropped the leaflets, villagers in al-Awja said they suspected they came from one of the four Jewish settlements nearby -- JERICHO, West Bank (AFP) 


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