Israel assassinates Palestinian as Hamas rejects US Congress decision

Published December 17th, 2005 - 05:10 GMT

Israeli aircraft fired missiles Saturday at a car traveling in the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian security officials said. One Palestinian was killed, Israel radio reported.


Earlier, Israeli soldiers shot and injured a "wanted" Palestinian in the West Bank town of Tulkarem on Saturday, Israeli and Palestinian security officials said. Palestinian sources said the man was a senior Islamic Jihad activist in the Tulkarem area named Zuhair Fuqaa who has also worked with Palestinian security.

Hamas rejects

Hamas condemned on Saturday a decision by the American Congress, which is rejecting any participation of Hamas in the next month's parliament elections, until the Movement disarms.


Sheikh Said Siyam, a Hamas leader in Gaza said the movement does not reject contacts with Americans in order to explains its stances. Siyam said in an interview with RNA "this position of congress is  not new and its completely biased to the Israeli occupation and in the same time it shows contradiction in the American policy," adding "the US accused Iran of intervening in the Iraqi elections and in the same time it intervenes in the Palestinian elections and even non Palestinian elections".


"These positions are refused. The Palestinian election is an internal issue. No one has the right to stand against the wish of Palestinian people for reforms and choosing their representatives," he added. 


The Congress' resolution stipulates future financial aid to the Palestinian National Authority with the exclusion of Hamas from the upcoming parliamentary elections.

According to the resolution, any Hamas participation in the government of the PA "will potentially undermine the ability of the United States to have a constructive relationship with or provide further assistance to the Palestinian Authority."

In the resolution, passed on a 397-17 vote, the Congress also urged President Abbas to declare ahead of the election that he intends to dismantle "terrorist organizations."

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