Israel Blows up 4th Hizbollah Tunnel Under its Border With Lebanon

Published December 16th, 2018 - 10:33 GMT
Cross-border tunnel (Twitter)
Cross-border tunnel (Twitter)

The Israeli army said Sunday it had found a cross-border tunnel allegedly dug by Lebanese group Hezbollah along the border with Israel.

In a statement, the army said the attack was “under the army’s control and does not pose a threat anymore”.

“The tunnel was blown up just as what happened to the previous tunnels, and anyone who enters it from Lebanese territory would be in danger," the army said, going on to hold the Lebanese government responsible for the tunnels dug along Israeli-Lebanese border.


The Israeli army said the new tunnel is the fourth to be found by along border with Lebanon since Israel launched a military operation earlier this month to “expose” and “thwart” borders allegedly dug by Hezbollah.

There was no comment from Hezbollah on the Israeli announcement.

In 2006, Israel launched a war against Hezbollah during which at least 1,200 people, mostly Lebanese civilians, were killed.


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