Israel Destroys Hamas Tunnel from Gaza into Territory

Published December 10th, 2017 - 01:17 GMT
The neutralization was carried out by the IDF’s Southern Command (AFP/File)
The neutralization was carried out by the IDF’s Southern Command (AFP/File)

The Israeli army destroyed a large Hamas tunnel into Israeli territory from Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip, IDF Spokesman Brig-Gen. Ronen Manelis announced on Sunday.

The tunnel, which stretched a few hundred meters into southern Israel, was identified several weeks ago using “unique tools combined with advanced technology, intelligence and operational capabilities,” Manelis said.

The neutralization, which was carried out by the IDF’s Southern Command, “is a necessary defensive action to prevent harm to civilians and soldiers,” he said, adding that “it was a quiet neutralization. No one heard it. But the tunnel has been destroyed.”

In late October, the IDF destroyed a cross-border Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) attack tunnel, killing 12 including two senior Islamic Jihad commanders and two Hamas members. The group threatened to retaliate against Israel for the deaths of its members. The IDF deployed Iron Dome missile defense batteries in central Israel.

Two weeks ago, the group fired 12 projectiles aimed at the IDF post and a cement factory on the northeastern edge of the Gaza Strip where construction crews are working on Israel’s new underground barrier with the Strip.

According to Manelis, while the tunnel destroyed on Sunday was discovered several weeks ago, there was no connection between the PIJ barrage and the tunnel.

The destruction of the tunnel did not lead to any deaths, Manelis said, adding that even if there were he was “not sorry,” and that Israel will continue to take all measures at its disposal to destroy any cross-border tunnels.

“I advise any group who wants to threaten Israel to think twice,” he said. “These tunnels will be a death trap to anyone inside.”



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