Israel, Iran 'Nod and Wink' Meeting Takes Place Through Jordan to Discuss Syria Situation

Published May 28th, 2018 - 03:54 GMT
Syrian air defence systems intercepting Israeli missiles over Damascus' airspace. (AFP/ File Photo)
Syrian air defence systems intercepting Israeli missiles over Damascus' airspace. (AFP/ File Photo)

Israel and Iran have reportedly held a secret meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation on the Syrian border.

The two nations allegedly sent representatives to stay in a hotel in Amman, Jordan in next door rooms.

Jordanian officials then acted as mediators - passing messages between the two embattled parties - according to reports in Saudi wesbite Elaph.

Although unconfirmed, the report suggested that Iran had reportedly pledged to stay out of fighting in southwest Syria between Syrian forces and rebel groups.

While Israel said it will not intervene in battles near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights or the Israel-Jordan border unless Iranian troops were involved.

Iran's ambassador to Jordan, Mostafa Moslehzadeh, was said to have represented his country at the bizarre negotiations - while several unnamed Israeli officials were in the next door room.

One participant told Elaph that the Iranians 'arrived at a quick agreement' over the contested area near the Golan Heights.

Israel and Iran have been at loggerheads since US President Donald Trump controversially backed out of the Iranian nuclear earlier this month.

The two nations have been engaged in a series of heated battles on the border with Syria as Iranian troops fired several rocket salvos at Israeli military targets in the Golan Heights.

US-backed Israeli troops then reined down a furious missile attack on several Iranian outposts in Syria - reportedly resulting in hundreds of casualties.

According to Elaph - the negotiations were organised by Iran in response to the recent stream of casualties inflicted by Israel on its troops in Syria.

Meanwhile Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that only Syrian government troops should have a presence on the country's southern border with Israel.

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