Israel Says Hamas, Hizbollah Plan to Kidnap Zionist Soldiers

Published May 14th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Israel Sunday accused two members of the Islamic resistance movements of planning to kidnap Israeli soldiers for the purpose of forcing the Jewish state to release hundreds of Arab internees incarcerated in detention camps, reported Iranian news agency (IRNA).  

The Israeli state-run radio quoted the same day intelligence sources as saying the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) was planning to kidnap Israeli soldiers to swap them for Islamist detainees in Zionist jails.  

Hamas has not reacted to the report  

The same sources also charged that Hizbollah was also seeking to do likewise in order to force Israel to release a number of Lebanese civilians incarcerated in Israel for over ten years without any charge or trial.  

Israel still detains as many as 1700 Palestinian and Arab political prisoners and resistance fighters and refuses to free them –  

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