Israel strikes Gaza, arrests 21 Palestinians following Tel Aviv attack

Published April 18th, 2006 - 07:08 GMT

Israel responded on Tuesday morning to Monday’s Tel Aviv suicide bombing which killed nine with an aerial attack on a Gaza Strip metal workshop allegedly used to build rockets. Palestinian sources reported no casualties in the attack, though damage was caused to the structure.


In the West Bank, according to Ynet, Israeli forces arrested 21 Palestinians overnight in military raids. 
Debating what further military action Israel will take in response to the bombing, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convened a meeting of ministers on Tuesday, reported Haaretz
Yesterday, Hamas officials explained that the bombing was a justified act of self-defense against Israeli occupation.


Until now, the Palestinian Authority has not taken a position of publicly justifying such attacks. 
"The situation has changed," one Israeli official explained. "In the past, the Palestinian government did not support or justify terror,” the official added. 
Israel is reportedly weighing several options, including stronger responses following attacks originating in Gaza, where Hamas has full and formal control, as opposed to the West Bank.
Several Israeli sources, however, maintain that Israel will undertake muted military action, fearing further reprisal attacks. 
Israelis, Palestinians seek UN condemnation
Meanwhile, Israel turned to the United Nations Security Council on Monday demanding that it condemn the suicide bombing attack in Tel Aviv.
The Security Council was already set to convene to discuss whether or not to condemn Israel for military actions in Gaza two weeks ago, as requested by the Palestinians.

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