Israel will not sign EU deal under new terms

Published August 10th, 2013 - 08:44 GMT

Israel will not sign with the EU any agreement inapplicable on the lands it occupied in a 1967 war with the Palestinians, a move defying the bloc's new guidelines that ban funding any entity in such territories, an Israeli official confirmed to Xinhua on Thursday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with top ministers over the EU guidelines on Thursday, while Israeli and EU representatives discussed a scientific cooperation project that could include an investment of 600,000 euros (803,160 U.S. dollars) in Israeli high-tech companies.

However, the future of this investment now hangs in the balance due to the guidelines that the EU announced last month.

According to the official, who requested to remain anonymous, " the official Israeli stance is that this move only damages the ongoing efforts to achieve peace with the Palestinians."

In addition, Netanyahu will request EU officials to clarify the exact nature of the guidelines and their ramifications, in planned talks over the phone next week.

Three weeks ago, the European Commission published the new guidelines, according to which any agreement between EU companies or governments and Israel should indicate they will not be implemented on Israel's occupied lands in the West Bank or east Jerusalem.

The decision, in fact, negates Israel's sovereignty in those areas, which the Israeli government and many Israelis consider as a part of Israel.

In response to the move, the Israeli government announced it would halt its cooperation with the EU representatives in the West Bank and Gaza and would limit their movement in those areas.

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