Israel Wins Contract to Upgrade Turkish M-60 Tanks

Published June 5th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Turkey is to grant the Israeli military industries (IMI) a contract for upgrading 200 M60-A1 battle tanks, reported the daily Haaretz Monday. 

The project, which is estimated to be worth $200-400 million, is expected to be completed by 2003-2004 and could eventually include as many as 600 such tanks, the daily added. 

The daily quoted a military official as saying that "this is the second largest contract Israeli firms have won from Turkey after a $750 million deal to upgrade F-4 Phantoms for the Turkish Air Force." 

The decision for the upgrade, which has been studies by the Turkish military leadership for some time, is considered to be a strategic one, he added.  

The Turkish tanks will be given a 120-millimeter cannon of the type developed for the Merkava Mark 3. In addition, there is an option for various advanced defense systems, said Haaretz. 

The Turks have requested that as part of the offset for the package, some of the upgrading work be given to Turkish Military Industries and include a transfer of technical know-how, according to the paper - 

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