Israeli Analysts: Oil Hike to Translate into Iranian Nuclear Arsenal

Published June 19th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Senior Israeli analysts warn that the sharp rise in international oil prices in the last few months will allow Iran to intensify its nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles programs, reported Haaretz Sunday. 

In addition, these additional revenues will enable Iran to provide extensive support to radical Islamic groups outside its borders, they were quoted as saying. 

Citing reports by military intelligence and the Foreign Ministry - recently presented to senior government officials. Haaretz said a past correlation between oil prices and Iran's ability "to export Islamic revolution" was shown. 

Analysts say the effort to build nuclear weapons, a priority for the Iranian regime, has a guaranteed budget which never shrinks, even when the national economy hits low points, according to the report.  

But these experts believe the increase in revenues from oil exports will expedite Iran's efforts to arm itself with non-conventional weapons. 

Experts say the rise in oil consumption internationally stems from growing economies and seasonal needs - mainly in east Asia, where a recovery is apparent after last year's economic slump.  

It also results from OPEC's success in keeping production quotas among its member states. 

Israeli analysts do not believe OPEC's success is an attempt to recreate the politico-economic power which the cartel exercised in the 1970s, said Haaretz – 


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