Israeli Army Blows up two Rafah Tunnels

Published June 23rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Israeli army blew up on Thursday two tunnels used for smuggling weapons and drugs between Palestinian and Egyptian cities of Rafah, reported the Jerusalem Post.  

Using sophisticated equipment, Israeli soldiers discovered the tunnels recently at a depth of eight meters dug underneath the heavily patrolled border road splitting the city, said the paper.  

One of the tunnels was 100 meters long and the other 150 meters long.  

According to military officials, they were dug from the northern side of the border from the Palestinian-controlled area to the Egyptian side.  

"Their discovery brought to five the number of tunnels the army has discovered so far this year."  

"They were used to transfer weapons and material into the Palestinian Authority and manifested a significant security threat," a statement said.  

The statement also said the Palestinians used the tunnels to smuggle in drugs and other products.  

"The IDF is determined to prevent all such activity and will use every means at its disposal to foil it," the statement said.  

Senior military officials said that they have noted an understanding by Palestinian and Egyptian officials of the need to cooperate on halting the tunnels, said the paper.  

It added that last June, Israeli soldiers uncovered a major tunnel in the same area.  

The tunnel had a railway line set up inside, and security sources said it had been set up to smuggle a kidnapped soldier out of the country, according to the daily - 

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