Israeli Army Kills Arab Citizen

Published October 26th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

An Israeli Bedouin was shot and killed by Israeli troops on the Gaza Strip border Friday, after he failed to respond to calls by soldiers to halt, said Israelis reports.  

Army sources said that an initial investigation into the incident revealed that an army scout had sighted the man who was driving a tractor and trying to knock over a part of the Gaza Strip border fence. The scout also saw a Palestinian waiting on the other side of the fence, according to Haaretz.  

The soldier called to the man to halt, following the procedure for apprehending suspicious people. When the man failed to comply, the soldier opened fire, killing him. The Palestinian waiting on the other side of the fence escaped, the army said.  

The sources said that the incident may have been an attempt to smuggle contraband into the Gaza Strip. 

The report did not identify the man. 

Beer Sheba Bedouins and the Druze are the only Arab Israelis that have to do military service with the Israeli army. 

Bediouns are also used by the occupation troops to trace inflitrators into Israel. 

Meanwhile, Palestinians fired three mortar shells into Israel from the Gaza Strip Friday, there were no injuries and no damage was caused despite the fact that the shells fell near an Israeli community –  


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