Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Woman in Connection with Teenager Murder

Published January 21st, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Israeli security forces arrested on Saturday Amana Jawad Najar, 25, on charges of luring an Israeli teenager from Ashkelon to Ramallah, where he was allegedly shot dead by Palestinian armed men, reported the Israeli press on Sunday. 

According to Haaretz and The Jerusalem Post, undercover agents of the General Security Service and the Israeli army arrested Najar in the early morning hours in the village of Bir Naballah, northwest of Jerusalem, which is in Area B, under Israeli security jurisdiction. Security forces are still searching for others involved in the murder, they said, adding that Najar did not resist the arrest, and was transferred to a Shin Bet holding area for interrogation. 

The woman is believed to have lured 16-year-old Ofir Rahum to his death in an ambush near Ramallah last Wednesday after having an Internet romance with her.  

Najar, a freelance journalist, is a resident of east Jerusalem and holds an Israeli identity card, according to Haaretz.  

According to the reports, it is believed that Rahum was lured into a meeting with Najar after they developed a relationship over the Internet. He was apparently not aware that she was Palestinian and told friends he had met an American tourist, Sally, from Jerusalem on the Internet. 

Using the Rahum’s computer, experts on international crime managed to gather information on the suspect from correspondence between her and the Israeli youngster. 

According to the Jerusalem Post, both Rahum and the woman were telling their friends about their affair, and it is believed that members of Palestinian Fateh movement were following up the details. 

On Wednesday morning, the Israeli schoolboy traveled to Jerusalem where he probably met Awana, who then drove him toward Ramallah. “At a prearranged location near El-Bireh, she bolted from the car, another vehicle drove up and three Palestinian gunmen inside shot Rahum more than 15 times.” One of the attackers then drove off with Rahum's body and dumped it in an Israeli-controlled area, while the others fled in the second vehicle.  

The Palestinian Authority denounced the killing, saying it opposes attacks against civilians despite the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to Palestinian news agency WAFA. 

Palestinian media also reported that a number of youths had been arrested for the murder. They said the motivation was criminal rather than nationalistic.  

But Israeli security and police officials were skeptical, quoted by the Post as saying they had not been informed of any arrests. They also dismissed the claims that it was a criminal attack, given the lethal use of automatic firearms by the assailants. One source told the paper that the “PA is uncomfortable with the incident and is trying to dismiss it as a marginal event.”  

Meanwhile, the decision to transfer the bodies of the Awdallah brothers, leading members of Hamas, killed by the security forces in 1998, to their families for burial, was stopped at the last minute as a result of a disagreement between Israel and the PNA, said Haaretz. Israeli military commander in the West Bank, Brigadier Benny Gantz, demanded that the PA guarantee that the funerals of the two be held without violence, however, Palestinian officials responded that this was up to the families –  










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