Israeli police arrest Jewish terrorist who murdered two Palestinians

Published November 2nd, 2009 - 03:32 GMT

Israeli police have arrested a man believed to be behind a series of murders and terrorist attacks. Jack Teitel, an American immigrant residing in the West Bank settlement, has been involved in criminal activity going back twelve years.

According to Ynet News, the arrest took place on October 7th. Among charges against Teitel are the killing of an Arab taxi driver in East Jerusalem and the slaying of an Arab shepherd south of Hebron. Both of the murders took place in 1997, while Teitel was on vacation in Israel. During interrogations, Teitel took full responsibility for both incidents.

Teitel also claimed responsibility for several bombings, one of which wounded a Palestinian outside of a convent in 2007. Another bombing seriously wounded a fifteen year old boy as he handled a parcel Teitel sent to the boy's parents. The boy and his family are members of a Messianic Jewish community, who consider themselves Jews, but believe Jesus to be the messiah.

In 2008, Teitel placed a pipe bomb on the doorsteps of a leading Israeli professor. Zeev Sternhell, who was slightly injured in the attack, is a prominent Israeli historian and writer. In the past, Sternhell has voiced sharp criticism against the settler movement.

Additionally, Teitel has been charged with attacking Israeli police on several occasions. Teitel claims he bombed police stations in order to divert security from protecting gay parades.

Teitel was arrested as he was putting up fliers in support for the deadly Tel Aviv gay club shooting that took place in August. While he attempted to take credit for the incident during interrogations, Israeli police have ruled out Tietel's involvement in the act.

Teitel claims that he had acting by himself, although police are currently investigating whether he had collaborators. Police officers said to have found weapons, ammunition and a weapons laboratory in Teitel's house. Since 1997, Teitel has smuggled at least ten guns from the United States to Israel.

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