Israeli raid kills six Palestinians in Gaza Strip

Published August 18th, 2011 - 07:09 GMT
Kamal al-Nayrab
Kamal al-Nayrab

Israeli warplanes bombed a southern Gaza Strip building Thursday evening in response to a series of deadly attacks by gunmen on two buses and civilian cars in southern Israel that left at least seven people dead and at least 25 wounded. The Israeli airstrike killed several members of the Popular Resistance Committee (PRC), an armed Palestinian faction, including the group’s leader, Kamal al-Nayrab. Also killed are Imad Hamad the military commander of the group and Khaled Shaath, the chief of the manufacturing unit.

Following the news, the PRC said it was not committed any more to the ruce with Israel and called on all its " fighters to respond to the Zionist aggression with all force."

The airstrike came hours after gunmen believed to infiltrate from Gaza attacked Israeli soldiers and civilians some 30 kms north of the resort city of Eilat.

Speaking to reporters shortly after the strikes, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak confirmed the group had been targeted by the military action. "The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) will continue to act with all its power and even now the IDF's strikes are raining down on the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza as we speak," he said, according to AFPز

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