Israeli reporters feel humiliated in Qatar

Published November 27th, 2022 - 06:44 GMT
Qatar (AFP File Folder)

ALBAWABA - Israeli reporters sent to cover the World Cup in Qatar continue to be humiliated through the numerous videoclips posted in the social media and there is certainly a lot. 

This is what can be called a second batch of videos showing people not just Arabs refusing to talk to Israeli reporters. One Saudi fan actually berated the Jewish reporter and in telling him "you are not welcomed in this country, there is only Palestine, there is no Israel." 

The videoclips and opinion goes on time after time. The Israeli reporters are adamant in trying to find people who would talk to them but every time Arab fans just go away before they do that they tell the reporter "there's is just Palestine" which must be a sobering experience for the Jewish reporters whose country signed peace agreements with Bahrain, UAE, Morocco and Sudan in 2020. 

In one instance the Israeli reporter tells Moroccan fans who just walked away "your country just signed a peace treaty with us" but they just ignore. 

The shock for the Israelis is not just coming from Arab fans but from all over the world. On the video, one Japanese lady walked off when she realized that she was talking to an Israeli TV channel. 

At the same time a man from Ecuador and his wife just hurriedly passed by the television reporter when the point was registered he was from Israel. The point was made that Qatar invited all international media, including those from Israel so they can see for themselves. 

And then one Israeli reporter found an Iranian who actually was wearing an Iranian flag. The reporter said "I am from Israel", expecting to be brushed off, but the Iranian just said its ok. The reporter was surprised, "I am from Israel" he repeated but got the same reaction. Iran and Israel sworn enemies but apparently not on football.  

Finally Lebanese-US professor Dr Asad Abu Khalil had this to say from California:

But what clear humiliation than this one!


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