Israeli Security Sources Claim Dahlan's Forces Carried out Gaza Bombings

Published November 23rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Israeli Security sources said Wednesday that Israel obtained "hard" intelligence, prior to its aerial bombardment of Gaza on Monday night, that senior figures in Fateh movement and in Mohammed Dahlan's preventive security apparatus were responsible for bomb attacks against Israelis in the Gaza Strip, including the bomb which struck a school bus at Kfar Darom on Monday morning, killing two adult passengers and wounding several children, according to a report by Haaretz. 

According to evidence allegedly in the hands of the security system, Dahlan's second-in-command, Rashid Abu-Shabak, personally supervised the preparation of the Kfar Darom bomb and prepared the explosive devices used in other bomb attacks in the Gaza Strip, said the report. 

“At least some of the other guerrillas involved in the Kfar Darom bus attack have been identified by army and Shin Bet intelligence, including a senior member of the Fateh movement from a well-known family in the south of the Gaza Strip,” the Israelis claimed without identifying the Fateh leader.  

Haaretz said that the evidence of the involvement of Dahlan's people in the bombings strengthens the position of Israeli army commanders who call for Israel to implement effective means against these actions.  

“It appears, however, that the political leadership and a portion of the senior IDF command remains hesitant about taking such a step out of concern that it would lead to a fierce escalation in the territories.”  

Israel has initiated offensives aiming at assassinating members of Fateh’s Tanzim, the name Israelis give for what they claim as the military wing of the movement. 

On Tuesday, Israeli tank shells ripped through civilian cars to the north of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, killing five Palestinians, including Fateh member Jamal Abdul Razeq, 30. 

Likud leader Ariel Sharon has called for liquidating Dahlan, who responded through Al Jazira satellite channel that by killing him, Israel would not bring an end to its dilemma. 

“They have a problem with every Palestinian child,” fighting for independence, the Gaza security top man said – 



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