Israeli Warplanes Bomb Central Syria Kill Two Civilians, Injure Six Soldiers

Published November 24th, 2021 - 05:48 GMT
Israeli strikes on Syria
Israeli strikes on Syria (AFP File Photo)

ALBAWABA - Israel is again bombing Syria according to local and international news media reports. 

Israel fired a barrage of missiles, in the early hours of Wednesday morning that hit the central part of Syria killing two civilians and injuring seven others, including six soldiers near the city of Homs. Different structures and installations were bombed. 

According to the Syrian news agency SANA the air aggression included a burst of missiles coming from the direction of north-east Beirut, pointing out this the fifth attack this month by Israel on Syria.  By using Lebanese airspace, which is frequent, Israel continues to violate the country's sovereignty and international law.

The social media have carried news reports as well as commentary on the latest Israel attack with one pointing to the ironic twist, simply saying: 

“A new day in Syria…The USA bomb its north, Russia bomb its Badia, Iran bomb its west, Turkey bomb its northwest, and Israel bomb the middle” in reference to the latest hit and concluding with an afterthought: "...they tell you it’s a “Civil War”.

A couple of other points of view are interesting. Sarah Abdallah says Israeli bombs Syria and kills its people "but don't expect even a single drop of international outrage."

Another says this: "If the US bombs Syria, the US media at least acknowledges it. Israel, a US-armed client state, bombs and kills in Syria frequently -- at minimum hundreds of strikes in the last decade -- yet that's barely detectable in US media."

Aaron Mate also of the above quote says quite frankly "Israel is murdering civilians in Syria [and] as it bombs a sovereign neighbouring state, US officials say these Israeli attacks have led to retaliation against US soldiers. To US and Israeli leaders, even US soldiers are cannon fodder."


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