Israel's military intelligence chief says Abbas acting against armed groups

Published May 5th, 2005 - 12:35 GMT

Israel's military intelligence chief hailed Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas for his efforts to face armed groups, countering claims by the government which has frozen plans to transfer responsibility for security control to Palestinians.


"There is determined activity on his part in terms of his aims and intentions," General Aharon Zeevi told public radio on Thursday. "Abu Mazen (Abbas) has changed the people in his office, has limited incitement and made changes in the legal sphere."


Zeevi pointed out that Abbas had only recently reshuffled the leadership of his security bodies and argued that they should be allowed more time to change their approach. "He has completed the reforms of the security services and has urged security activity against the rockets, we are seeing more efforts in this area," Zeevi stated. "He is succeeding to maintain the calm, even if it is fragile."


Zeevi added that the Palestinian security services had started disarming wanted activists in two towns in the West Bank where they were in charge.


"He is serious about resolving the problem of the wanted men in order to secure a renewal of the process of transferring the cities," said Zeevi. "To the best of my knowledge, he has fulfilled his part in Jericho and is trying to do the same in Tulkarem."


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