Jeddah: Death toll from floods over 100

Published November 29th, 2009 - 08:44 GMT

Saudi emergency services said on Sunday the death toll from floods that in the port city of Jeddah this week had increased to 103, with another 1,400 rescued, the state news agency reported on Sunday.


Torrents of water inundated the port city on Wednesday after Saudi Arabia saw some of the heaviest rainfall in years. According to Reuters, many of the victims were drowned or were killed by collapsing bridges and in car crashes.


Civil defense planes flew over the affected areas searching for missing people, the Jeddah authorities said in a statement cited by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). No pilgrims attending the annual Muslim haj pilgrimage 80 km away in Mecca were among the dead, officials have said.


Newspapers have repeatedly reported on the poor condition of the sewerage infrastructure of the city.


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