John Bolton’s Think Tank Praises White Nationalism

Published March 27th, 2018 - 10:36 GMT
John Bolton (AFP/FILE)
John Bolton (AFP/FILE)


  • The Gatestone Instiute published an article earlier this month praising the U.S. "white majority"
  • The article decries immigrants' slow tilting of the balance towards multicluturalism
  • The author of the article, an immigrant herself, seems to wish she was never allowed to the U.S.


U.S. President Donald Trump’s new national security advisor John Bolton is a controversial figure due to his hawkish advocacy for war with Iran and North Korea. But he’s also the chairman of an internationally-known think tank, The Gatestone Institute.

The article, titled, “Tyranny of Shaming: American Race Wars as Seen by an Immigrant,” condemns accepting asylum seekers into Western countries as a kind of racism against the “white majority.”


A screenshot of the “Tyranny of Shaming.” (Gatestone Institute)


Written by Nonie Darwish, an immigrant originally from Egypt, the article challenges the view that the U.S. should accepts immigrants by claiming that what makes the U.S. great is the fact that it is mostly white people. “Yes, it is the American culture where whites are the majority, no problem with that, that made our dreams come true,” the article exclaims.

Darwish also attacks Democrats, saying, “that many Democrats seem to be planning ‘fundamentally to change America’ by making white people the minority and replacing them with immigrants -- both legal and illegal -- is no longer a secret.”

In a distillation of how Darwish approaches race in America, she offers the following.

“Such attacks on the white majority in Americans are, bluntly, racist. It is a shame that many Americans are unable or refuse to see what many immigrants see: That it was under this white majority that millions of oppressed people from around the world, of all colors and creeds, were rescued from tyranny, Sharia law, slavery, discrimination, Islamism and a miserable existence under corrupt, war-torn and famine-stricken nations. Instead, many seem to want to bring much of that here… This logic is cruel towards great citizens of a great nation that did so much good in the world.”


The gist of her sentiment is that it is whiteness and white people from which great value and achievement stems. Whiteness is equivalent to greatness, and those who come from a non-white country will more often than not, support tyranny.

John Bolton’s think tank goes beyond typical right-wing talking points and delves deep into white nationalist territory. That he would proudly serve as its chairman is a foreboding sign that Trump’s flirtations with white nationalism is not over.

We are likely to hear more about John Bolton and his ideological standings in the near future, and when we do, The Gatestone Institute will become even more useful as a platform from which to understand his views.



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