Johnson May Ignore Parliament's Will to Force Disorderly Brexit

Published September 8th, 2019 - 12:58 GMT
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (AFP)
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (AFP)
If he meant what he said then Johnson will be in contempt of parliament and could potentially go to prison.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s apparent threat to ignore the will of parliament in order to force through a disorderly Brexit has touched off a flurry of speculation on British social media.

According to the Metro, Britain’s free of charge highest circulation newspaper, the PM has “hinted” he will refuse to enact the upcoming Brexit-delaying law.

The Metro reports that when asked if he would obey the new law, the PM replied: “I will not. I don’t want a delay”.

If he meant what he said then Johnson will be in contempt of parliament and could potentially go to prison.

There is speculation that Johnson is being pressured to commit an unimaginable political act in order to finally deliver Brexit to his constituency.

Former Conservative party leader, Iain Duncan Smith, has reportedly told Johnson to “hold his nerve”, saying he would be “martyred” if he stood up to parliament and broke the law.

Duncan Smith told the Daily Telegraph: “This is about Parliament versus the people. Boris Johnson is on the side of the people, who voted to leave the EU”.

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Meanwhile, the tabloid newspaper, The Sun, reported yesterday that Johnson’s top aide, Dominic Cummings, is urging the PM to ignore the new bill.

Cumming’s advice to Johnson comes on the heels of a warning by the former Director of Public Prosecutions, Lord MacDonald, that Johnson could face jail if he defied parliament.

But according to The Sun, Cummings has a “different interpretation” of the law and has advised the PM that he need not “worry” about the new legislation.

In the latest development, Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, told Sky News today that the PM will “test to the limit” the new Brexit-delaying law.

Describing the new law as “lousy”, and hinting that the government is looking to identify and exploit loopholes, Raab vowed to check “very carefully what it does and doesn’t require”

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