A Joint Press Conference between the Mayor of Amman and the Minister of Transport to talk about the Second International Transport Conference

A Joint Press Conference between the Mayor of Amman and the Minister of Transport to talk about the Second International Transport Conference
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Published September 26th, 2010 - 12:39 GMT

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 The Mayor of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Omar Maani stressed the importance of the second International Transport Conference in the Middle East in shedding light on the investment opportunities in the big transport projects expected to be implemented and in those already executed, which realizes HM King Abdullah II’s vision to make Jordan a regional transport center.
In the press conference, co chaired by the Minister of Transport Engineer “Alaa’ Al Batayneh , to talk about the Conference scheduled to take place on the 13th and the 14th   of December at Al Hussein Ibn Talal Palace for Conferences in the Dead Sea under the title “ For all Modes of Transport “ , the Mayor of Amman added that the years 2010 and 2011 shall witness a bigger leap in investment in the Jordanian transport infrastructure.
The Mayor referred to the Prime Minister’s recent inauguration, in July,  of the construction works of the Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) in Amman in which GAM laid the foundation stone of a modern and effective transportation mode which is apt to keep pace with the accelerating development of the capital, Amman, and to present radical solutions to the traffic, economical, and environmental problems stemming from the traffic jams.
Maani delineated that there is an immense size of expected investment in this mode( of transportation), with sizeable participation of the private sector, especially in operating auto buses, electronic payment systems, and  information systems.
The Mayor of Amman pointed out that, in addition to rehabilitating Al Mahatta ( the Station), a new bus station complex is to be established to provide a connecting point between the BRT and the public transportation coming from the western and northern areas adjacent to Amman. The complex is supposed to encompass  car parking areas, in addition to commercial and service activities.
The chief administrator of the capital city of Amman expressed his pride in the great cooperation taking place between GAM, the Ministry of Transport, and the Transport Regulatory Commission, and the active partnership with the private sector, which contributes to the development of the transport matrix in Amman and the Kingdom at large.
On his part, the Minister of Transport said that the Conference shall focus on the strategies of transport in the Middle East, the expectations of investment, logistical services, land and maritime readiness in the transport sector, in addition to the effect of privatization of railways, the opportunities , challenges, and planning for the transport policies in the Middle East, not to forget the basic challenges facing the sector, and the required strategies to promote this vital and important economical tribute.
He further added that the Conference shall also focus on highlighting and reinforcing the role of the private sector in developing the infrastructure of the transport sector as to increasing the capacity of ports and airports, and expanding and maintaining the road networks , pointing out, at the same time, to the role of the Conference in marketing and discussing the project of the Jordanian National Railway which the Ministry aims at executing through real partnership with the private sector, and participation of the neighboring countries.
The Minister further added that the transport sector is considered to be the back bone of the socio economic development in any given country, taking into consideration that development and expansion of any economical or social sectors depend on the responsiveness of the  transport sector.
The Conference, held with Arab and international participation, is to shed light on topics such as managing the challenges that face sustainable development of the ports, aviation agreements with the European Union, and their impact on the air transportation in  the area, in addition to traffic safety, security , and the role of intelligent traffic systems in providing sustainable and environmental solutions.
From his end, the Chairman of the Arab Union of Land transport, Mahmoud Al Abdallat, referred to the importance of promoting the transport sector, and the realization of the objectives, in addition to the fleets integration, and the encouragement of the horizontal Arab commerce.
The Director of Al Hussein Ibn Talal Palace for Conferences, Nayef Zreigat,  cited the importance of  such conferences in encouraging and attracting more investment, not to mention the importance of the transport sector itself as the back bone of development.
It is worth noting that a number of Arab and international personalities and institutions will participate in the accounts of the Conference, such as the International Union of Land Transport, the International Union of Transportation, the International Union of Roads, in addition to ministers of transport from many Arab countries.

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