Jordan: Former MP’s nephew main suspect involved in Baqaa attack

Published June 7th, 2016 - 10:02 GMT
A woman walks past a poster of Jordan's King Abdullah. (AFP/File)
A woman walks past a poster of Jordan's King Abdullah. (AFP/File)

The former Jordanian MP Mustafa Yaghi put out a press release discussing the recent terror operation that led to the death of 5 members of the Jordanian intelligence department, known as the Mukhabarat, saying that “Despite the perpetrator, as was circulated over the internet, being my nephew, this does not change our position in rejecting terrorism.”

The former MP, once representing the 4th Circle in Al-Balqa, said in a press statement released Tuesday and on his Facebook page:

“We affirm our innocence in this awful crime which has shaken not only the emotions of Jordanians, but also the feelings all of humanity” 

Yaghi then added: "“These cowardly acts of terrorism are carried out by rogue, outlaw individuals that only represent themselves.”

This is not the first time a Jordanian politician was linked to extremists. In 2015, Jordanian MP Mazen Dalaeen's son was reported to have joined Daesh and died in a suicide attack in Anbar province, Iraq.

Following the loss of his son, Dalaeen have since devoted himself to counter-terrorism efforts and successfully arranged the rescue and return of two Jordanian women who had joined the militant group.    

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