Jordan king: Israeli acts in Jerusalem undermining ties

Published March 25th, 2010 - 10:16 GMT

Kordan's King Abdullah was quoted Thursday as saying that Israeli practices in east Jerusalem are undermining the “already cold” Jordanian-Israeli ties and threatening stability in the region. In an interview with the editors-in-chief of daily newspapers, the monarch said that Jordan will not refrain from exerting all possible means to protect Jerusalem and to achieve a peace.


“In all my meetings with Israeli, American and international officials, I have warned that continued attacks on Jerusalem and its holy sites will ignite the entire region. Jerusalem has a special place in the hearts of Palestinians, Jordanians, Arabs and Muslims,” King Abdullah was quoted as saying by The Jordan Times.


He warned that the peace process is at a crossroads and that people are tired of an open-ended process that does not lead to results. “I think that the entire world is facing a moment of truth: either we achieve real, tangible and quick progress to resolve the conflict on the basis of the two-state solution within a comprehensive regional context which the Arab Peace Initiative offers; or we enter a new cycle of conflict and violence, and the whole world will pay the price,” he added.


In the interview, Abdullah said that Israel has to decide whether it wants conflict or peace, indicating that if Israel is keen to achieve peace it has to take serious action towards peace efforts that lead to a two-state solution. “I would like to say to the Israeli people that the chance to achieve true peace, true security, and to live peacefully with your neighbours is possible now. So, seize this opportunity in order to secure a better future for yourselves and the people of the region…,” he stated.

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