Jordan King Rejects Confederation, Says 'This is a Red Line'

Published September 6th, 2018 - 08:24 GMT
Jordan's King Abdullah says '“Confederation with whom? This is a red line'. (AFP/File Photo)
Jordan's King Abdullah says '“Confederation with whom? This is a red line'. (AFP/File Photo)

The King Abdullah on Wednesday said that Jordan’s position on the Palestinian cause is unalterable, based on the conviction that there is no alternative to the two-state formula and an independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, as a solution to the decades-old Mideast conflict.

The King said that Jordan has proved firm and unrelenting on this issue as “all are aware”.

Commenting in the resurfacing proposal of a confederation between Palestine and Jordan, the King told the retired officers: “Every year we hear a renewed talk of confederation. I say: “Confederation with whom? This is a red line for Jordan and all know Jordan’s firm and courageous stand on this. I am not worried regarding this matter”. 

“I have no concerns regarding any conspiracy against Jordan,” the King told his “brothers in arms,” reminding them that he started his military career in Brigade 40, also known as the Brigade of God.

“I had the honour to serve with you. You gave power to my father, the King the late King Hussein, and now you are giving me an equal power. I have no fears of a conspiracy against the country when I have brave men like you around,” the King was quoted as saying in a Royal Court statement. 

“We highly appreciate the efforts of our Armed Forces and security agencies who work day and night to safeguard our borders and protect the security of people. Our borders are secure and there are no worries regarding that,” the King told the ex-servicemen. 

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said this week that US officials working on a Middle East peace plan had asked about forming a confederation with Jordan. Amman responded immediately that the option was “not on the table”. 

At the meeting, the King underlined improvements in the situation of the borders with both Syria and Iraq, saying “I think, God willing, that the northern border will be re-opened very soon,” while there is ongoing coordination with the Iraqis regarding the situation at the border with the eastern neighbour. 

Regarding economic challenges, the King said that he had directed the government to accelerate reforms and adopt transparency and communication with all to overcome the difficulties and mitigate the impact of economic woes on citizens.

Meanwhile, The King pledged to work towards solutions to the challenges facing retired servicemen and veterans and thanked the UAE for its support of the military and security services, especially in terms of housing services.

Director General of the Economic and Social Association for Retired Servicemen and Veterans retired Maj. Gen. Ahmad Ajarmeh thanked the King for his support for the beneficiaries of the association.

Top former officers took turns to address the meeting, renewing their allegiance to the leadership and their standing by the country in its efforts to overcome all forms of challenges, foremost of which is the terror threat. 

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