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Jordan receives over 1500 Syrian refugees in three days

Published May 22nd, 2016 - 08:56 GMT
Jordan's Za'atari refugee camp, near the Syrian border. (AFP/File)
Jordan's Za'atari refugee camp, near the Syrian border. (AFP/File)

A total of 1507 Syrian refugees from various age groups entered into the Kingdom through various crossing points during the last 72 hours, a military source said on Sunday.

The source said border guards provided the refugees with the necessary aid before transferring them to refugee camps.

The Jordanian Royal Medical Services' personnel administered first aid to refugee patients through their medical centers at the borders, the source added.

Over the past four years, Jordan has been a safe haven for a massive and unprecedented number of Syrian refugees who have settled in the country's northern and central governorates.

The spillover effects of the Syrian refugee crisis are taking a heavy toll on the Kingdom's burdened economy and already-limited resources, especially on the most vulnerable segments of the population in the northern region, where over half of Syrian refugees currently reside.

Jordan Response Plan 2015' (JRP 2015), estimates the total number of Syrian refugees to be around 1.5 million, almost 650,000 of which are registered as refugees.

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