Jordanian Activists Protest against Sanctions ahead of Annan’s Visit

Published June 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Ahead of United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan’s visit to Jordan, activists gathered on Tuesday outside the United Nations headquarters and handed a UN representative a letter, expressing their concern over the Iraqi peoples' suffering and demanding the lift of sanctions imposed on the country since 1990. 

The activists held banners, describing the UN embargo as “unfair and harmful.” 

“Let the Iraqi people live…Lift the killer sanctions,” read one of the banners. 

The letter, handed by secretary general of the ‘Mustaqbal’ party, Abdessalam Freihat, said that the sanctions have resulted in damage to social, economic and environmental infrastructure. 

“All justifications made to impose sanctions on Iraq contradict with the noble objectives of the United Nations.” 

In their letter, the activists also asked Annan to work to stop immediately the “US and British air strikes that only hit civil installations and civilians.” 

“All Jordanian parties, unions and institutions ask you to assume your legal responsibility to bring an end to this human catastrophe,” read the letter. 

Around 25 activists, representing the National Committee for the Defense of Iraq, Jordan Baath Arab Party, the Socialist Party, Iraqi Universities Alumni Club and Jordanian Tribes Association. 

“All Jordanians stand by the Iraqis and we will support them in every way we can,” member of the National Committee for the Defense of Iraq, Hakam Rousan told, adding that all Arabs should back the Iraqis. 

“What is happening is a catastrophe, and we are not going to sit and watch. We will do the best we can,” he said – 

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