Jordanian Deputies: Cabinet on its Way Out

Published April 14th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT



By Fuad Abu Hijleh 


A letter addressed to Jordan’s King Abdullah II signed by more than 50 Jordanian Lower House members might lead to the ouster of Prime Minister Abdur-Ra’uf Rawabdeh’s government, according to parliamentary sources. 

The letter, which mainly criticizes the government’s economic performance, is to be presented to the king on Friday or Saturday by Speaker of the Lower House, Abdul Hadi Majali. 

“Countdown has begun for Rawabdeh’s government,” said a deputy who asked for anonymity. 

The MP added that the issue is of a serious nature due to the fact that parliamentarians close to the Royal Court are leading the campaign. He named the speaker, and his predecessor Sa’ad Srour, and Deputy Ali Abu Ragheb, adding that these deputies would not take such a move without being positive the king would consent to it. 

However, the source did not expect King Abdullah to sack the cabinet, or dissolve Parliament. 

“He would leave things go through normal constitutional course. That is, though a vote of no-confidence during the upcoming extraordinary session.” 

Parliament is expected to assemble for the session next May. 

He added that Lower House members seek a new cabinet with MPs on board. 

Other deputies who declined Thursday to divulge information regarding the letter confirmed today their seriousness in their pursuit to remove Rawabdeh and his team from the executive branch. 

They said that, in theory, the letter does not have a constitutional weight since the Parliament is in recess the time being. Practically, however, it conveys a solid threat to the government. 

The deputies, all asked to remain unnamed, said in addition to the fact that big names are involved, the number of signatories to the letter is a serious sign as far as the future of the present government is concerned. Not to mention that some opposition figures at the House refused to be counted in, apparently not because they support Rawabdeh. 

Deputies Nasha’t Hamarneh, Khaleel Haddadin, Nazeeh Amareen, Mohammad Bani Hani and Ayed Adayleh, among other opposition pillars, told that they had not signed the letter because they did not want to appear as newcomers to the camp opposing Rawabdeh. Nevertheless, they would all vote to oust the government, given a chance. 

Sources said Abu Ragheb, Majali and Samih Batikhi, Director of the General Intelligence Department, are possible candidates for the vacant position if the government is removed from power-

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