Jordanian MPs Criticize Government Performance in Letter to King

Published April 13th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Mohammad Omar 


Jordanian deputies declined to comment on a letter reported signed and sent by nearly 53 members of the Lower House to King Abdullah criticizing the government’s performance. 

Lower House Deputy Speaker Bassam Haddadin told that he and more than 50 of his colleagues in the parliament had signed the letter, and that they “were waiting for the king to respond, or to meet with them to discuss the letter.” 

However, Haddadin refused to divulge information regarding the content of the letter. 

Asked if the letter demands that confidence in Abdur-Ra’uf Rawabdeh’s government be withheld, Haddadin said he has “no comment until His Majesty the King takes a decision regarding the letter.” 

Deputy Mahmoud Kharabsheh, a prominent opposition figure, declined to say whether such a letter exists in the first place. 

Local press reports said the letter criticized the government for failing to implement economic reforms. 

Al Arab Al Yawm daily quoted on Thursday a MP as saying the major outlines of the letter “deal with the government’s failure to address economic problems and commit to declared policies administrative appointments.” 

However, press sources told that some of the signatories to the letter have already withdrawn their signatures, “because they discovered the MPs involved were not serious.” 

A report quoted a deputy, who wanted to remain unnamed, as charging “personal interests and disputes are behind the letter.” 

This was the second time members of the Lower House take such a move. In 1992, deputies succeeded in overthrowing Taher Masri’s government its participation in the 1992 Madrid Peace Conference, after they sent a similar letter to the late King Hussein. 

Parliament is currently in recess, and some deputies have called for an extraordinary session to be held in May -- Photo by AFP. 


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