Jordanian Police Crack Down on Students’ Anti-Israel Rally

Published October 8th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Jihad Abu Falah 



Jordan’s anti-riot police dispersed, using force, thousands of university students who gathered at the main gate of the University of Jordan, Amman, Sunday, in response to a call for a rally against the Israeli massacres in Palestine. 

The protestors came from other educational institutions in the kingdom to show solidarity with the Palestinians, with a plan to march to the Israeli embassy in the Rabia suburb in Amman, according to a statement by the organizers.  

The activity, which was organized by the Islamist-dominated Preparatory Committee for Students Union, is banned after the government announced Friday it “would deal with firmness with people who defy the orders of the security authorities,’ and go out in rallies or demonstrations. 

Hundreds of policemen attacked the gathering with batons after they blocked off all roads leading to the university. 

Several protesters, including primary school students, were arrested before order was regained. 

Hundreds of demonstrations have been staged in Jordan in angry protests against Israel, with calls for expelling the Jewish state’s ambassador to Amman, and abolishing the Jordanian- Israeli peace treaty. 

The bloodiest clashes between demonstrators and the security forces are still underway in the Baqaa refugee camp to the north of Amman the third day in a row.  

18-year-old Osama Abdul Karim was shot dead during Baqaa clashes, with fingers of accusation pointed at the police, who claim the shooting happened due to “personal settlement of dispute.” 

The Baqaa camp is still under siege by the police, whose way into the camp is blocked by thousands of protestors. 


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