Jordanians Angry After Death of Young Girl Leen

Published September 15th, 2021 - 07:01 GMT
The young girl Leen was dead due a medical error
Baby Leen who died after being mistakenly diagnosed several times. (Twitter)
An investigation was opened in the young girl Leen's death incident.

Jordanians have strongly denounced the death of a young girl Leen Abu Hatab after a medical mistake at one of the kingdom's government hospitals.

The 5-year-old girl was taken to Al-Bashir Hospital where she died on Monday after doctors' failure to diagnose her illness and suggest the right treatment.

The girl's father Maher Abu Hatab has spoken about the long process Leen gone through before her death. He said that she was taken to Al-Bashir hospital on September 3rd, when she suffered an  from severe abdominal pain, where she was diagnosed with a “urinary tract infection” and was treated based on this diagnosis.

However, Abu Hatab added that his daughter remained in pain; he retook Leen to the same hospital where she was diagnosed with 'inflammation in the intestine'.

Maher continued that after his daughter's unstoppable pain and despite his poor conditions, the young girl was taken to a private doctor where she was diagnosed with appendix disease and asked him to transfer her to the nearest hospital, but unfortunately it was too late.

Leen's father stated the hospital's forensic report informed the family that the cause of death was a medical error, while the director of the hospital, Dr. Abdul-Manea Al-Sulaimat, pledged to investigate the incident and to hold accountable all those who failed in the case of the girl, Leen.

The investigation team has recommended to refer the file of Leen's death to the Public Prosecutor, according to the Jordanian Health Ministry.

A meeting, which was scheduled Parliamentary Health Committee to discuss and probe the death of baby Leen, was canceled later on because of absence of Jordan's Health Minister Feras Al Hawari. 

Several hashtags including "#الطفلة_لين and #مستشفى_البشير" were released in support of  Leen's family and the denounce the hospital where people remembered similar cases occurred at the same hospital and still no legal cases took place to prohibit such medical errors.

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