Jordan's King Abdullah: Attack on Arab State Would Amount to Catastrophe

Published October 28th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Jordan's King Abdullah warned Sunday that an attack on an Arab country as part of the US-led campaign against terrorism would amount to a "great catastrophe." 

In an interview with AFP, the monarch said: "I strongly believe there should not be any military action against any Arab country,"  

"The heinous crime that was committed in the United States is a crime against all of us. It was a crime against humanity, an act of terror that all religions and human values condemn," he said of the anti-US terror attacks on September 11. 

"Those terrorists pose a double threat to us as Arabs and Muslims: the threat of inflicting suffering on people and the threat of tarnishing the images of a great religion and civilisation," he said. 

"In no way should the Arabs be held responsible for these crimes. We have stressed that and we will go on doing so," said King Abdullah. 

"We have explained to the coalition the great catastrophe if an Arab country is hit," the king stressed, when asked about the possibility of an Arab country, notably Iraq, being attacked. 

"We need to continue to further promote dialogue and understanding between the coalition and our brethren Arab countries," he said. 

Iraqi Prime Minister Tareq Aziz told a British daily on Saturday that his country expected an imminent massive attack by the US and its allies. 

The leaders of Syria and Sudan, both labeled by US as "terrorism sponsors," met in Khartoum on Saturday to coordinate their stances regarding the US-led anti-terrorism war, Sudanese Foreign Minister Mustafa Osman Ismail told reporters at the airport. 

His counterpart, Farouq Shara, also sounded conservative in talking to the press as he was accompanying President Bashar Assad to a meeting with Sudan's president, Omar Bashir - 



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