Ketab Technologies to take part in METS 09, target educational institutions

Published November 17th, 2009 - 09:12 GMT

KETAB Technologies, the leading Arab firm in developing interactive educational solutions, plans to dedicate its participation in the Middle East Technology Exhibition (METS ’09), slated for November 18-21 at Grand Hyatt Amman, to shed light on the main new features of its KETAB Engage Interactive™ system.

The Arab company foresees that this best selling interactive whiteboard in the region would make a quality shift in the concept of modern education, especially since it exhibits unique features that meet the needs of class environment and enrich the learning atmosphere with more interactivity by the stimulation of the student’s five senses.

KETAB Engage Interactive™ system comprises, among other components, KETAB Board ™ and KETAB Sheets ™, which are ultra wireless interactive sheet surfaces that allow teachers to facilitate lessons and control both the computer and interactive board with absolute convenience without being restricted to one place, thus allowing even the students to interact and participate from their desks. To add more value content to the class, students can use the side tool box for additional applications such as drawing, writing and projection of still and animated graphics. 

KETAB Technologies’ CEO Khaled Kalaldeh stated: “Unlike products offered in the market, KETAB Engage Interactive™ does not need additional infrastructure installations especially since the system is entirely ultra-wireless and has no electrical devices; this gives it a longer life, higher durability, and less frequent need for maintenance, which usually exhausts the budgets of educational institutions”. 

Another major component of the new issue of KETAB Engage Interactive™ is KETAB Studio ™ 2.0, which allows writing and shape recognition so that when these are projected on the board, they will be clear and easier to identify, not to mention the possibility to reduce & enlarge the size of any object easily through the drag and drop command.

In addition, the system allows the screening of several films at the same time, with commentary, and offers geometry drawing instruments like the protractor, ruler and compass, with the possibility of controlling the density of light shed on the board to focus the attention of the audience on certain spots with a spotlight option.

Kalaldeh explained that these features and others have secured the company entry into new Arab and Western markets and have been the factor directly behind a growth of sales by more than 75% in the third quarter 2009, compared to the same period last year.

In addition to the convenience and user-friendliness boasted by KETAB Engage Interactive™, the system enjoys other high-tech features that ensure instructors smooth delivery of the educational content to students with high flexibility that adheres to the principles of modern education, unlike traditional methods that normally entail spoon feeding without proper absorption of the fundamentals of the subject.

Kalaldeh added: “We have deployed our long and extensive experience in the industry to serve the academic sector and help it break free from the rigidity that has and is still hindering smooth communicating of information to students into a natural usage model”, adding that interaction between students and the educational curriculum is the answer to this obstacle. 

Using KETAB Engage Interactive™ is not restricted to a certain subject or academic level. The board and sheets involved in the system ensure a tediousness-free atmosphere whether the audience is a university or an elementary school class.

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