Kidnapped Lebanese doctor released after three days

Published September 11th, 2016 - 04:00 GMT
The kidnapped doctor was dropped off near Baalbek. (AFP/File)
The kidnapped doctor was dropped off near Baalbek. (AFP/File)

Kidnappers released a doctor Friday night after a three-day abduction ordeal, local media reported Saturday.

According to media reports, Saleh al-Shall, was freed after his kidnappers brought him to the town of Douris via taxi in the city of Baalbek.

The circumstances of the abduction remain unclear.

Shall, who is the medical director at the Ibn Sina Hospital in Baalbek, was abducted from his orchard on the outskirts of Lebanon’s eastern mountain range Tuesday night.

His burnt-out car was discovered late Wednesday in the nearby town of Taybeh.

Residents of Baalbek have since held protests condemning the kidnapping and the state’s failure to find him.

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