King Abdullah: Jordan will fight "Israeli unilateralism in Jerusalem"

Published November 2nd, 2014 - 02:24 GMT

Jordan's King Abdullah said Sunday that the Hashemite Kingdom would continue to battle "Israeli unilateralism in Jerusalem" and to maintain Islamic and Christian places of worship in the city.

The king's comments came during the opening of the second regular session of Jordan's National Assembly and days after Israel closed down the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for the first time since the second intifada amid fears of rioting.

The monarch also accused Israel of "brutal aggression" during Operation Protective Edge, vowing to mobilize international efforts to rebuild Gaza.

He called for the relaunching of final status Israeli-Palestinian peace talks as a way of preventing future bloodshed in Gaza.

Abdullah said that the talks must be based on the Arab peace initiative and lead to a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at Sunday's cabinet meeting that Israel had every intention of maintaining the status quo at the Temple Mount. He called on public officials to refrain from acts of incitement that would upset calm at the site which is holy to both Muslims and Jews.

The Palestinian Authority said in a statement Sunday that Netanyahu's words were a step in the right direction.

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