KULACOM Jordan completes High Capacity Network Upgrade

KULACOM Jordan completes High Capacity Network Upgrade
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Published December 5th, 2010 - 15:54 GMT

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Kulacom Jordan

KULACOM Jordan, a leading competitive integrated communications carrier, has announced the successful completion of a major network upgrade, significantly increasing the performance and quality of the network infrastructure for private and corporate users in Jordan.

The high capacity network upgrade is an important part of KULACOM's plans to build a country-wide, state of the art telecommunications network, and will considerably enhance the overall performance of KULACOM's WiMAX, Leased Line and Datacenter services, providing the end user with increased bandwidth and faster download speeds.

Mr. Hazim Alaeddin, KULACOM Jordan's CEO, stated, "We are in the process of optimizing many aspects of our network, which include an end-to-end network upgrade. The changes will include improvements to the signal quality for WiMAX users ensuring a smoother connection. This process will continue until the end of December 2010, however, each step we take will result in a more satisfying Internet experience for all our clients."

KULACOM Jordan is the only wholly locally owned wireless broadband internet provider in the Kingdom, established with the objective of providing private and corporate users in Jordan with the latest next generation networking technologies to deliver better, faster and more reliable telecommunications solutions. 

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