Kuwait's Minister of Defence: 'We Must Safeguard Against Terrorism and Regional Strife'

Kuwait's Minister of Defence: 'We Must Safeguard Against Terrorism and Regional Strife'
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Published October 2nd, 2010 - 07:51 GMT

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Kuwait's Acting Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, said "terrorism has become a real enemy of the international community" and all countries must unite to fight this common threat and global "plague."

In a wide-ranging telephone interview (http://www.okaz.com.sa/new/issues/pda/Con20100926374056.htm) with the Saudi Arabian newspaper Okaz, the Sheikh Jaber said that terrorism is being kept at bay due to the vigilant efforts in the Gulf. Sheikh Jaber went on to praise Saudi Arabia's commitment to the fight against terrorism.

The Acting Premier explained that there are regional "terrorist and subversive" networks that could benefit from increased tension if proper monitoring is not maintained.

In other developments, Sheikh Jaber addressed the Kuwaiti government's decision to revoke the citizenship of Yasser al-Habeeb. Sheikh Jaber said this revocation "helped quell unrest." He added, "Denaturalization is a question of sovereignty and was in accordance with the law. It has nothing to do with freedom of opinion and speech. The law is clear and Yasser al-Habeeb admitted that he violated the nationality law. If legislators had a different view, they should try to change the nationality law. They have the legislative power and we are the executive power responsible for applying the law." 

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