L’AZURDE and its ambassadress, Lebanese star Elissa, come to Beirut, capital of Middle East fashion

Published July 27th, 2010 - 08:43 GMT

 After the roaring success of its 2010 collection the “4 Elements” in numerous Arab and African countries, L’AZURDE brought its astounding new collection to Beirut. On July 22, Beirut Jewellery Week 2010 in BIEL witnessed a one-of-a-kind L’AZURDE event which featured a fashion show of the “4 Elements” collection. The event was launched in collaboration with the World Gold Council. L’AZURDE’s ambassadress to the stars, Lebanese diva Elissa was present to promote her favorite jewellery line.
The event left a lasting impact, even in a city long known for being the capital of Middle East fashion, as guests were amazed by the originality, sensuality and quality of the “4 Elements” creations. The 4 Elements collection celebrates a women’s connection to Mother Nature and invites women to imagine a glowing world where passion warms like fire, happiness floats like wind, sensuality flows like water, and beauty blossoms like nature.

Throughout the years, L’AZURDE has established itself as the most renowned, authentic, iconic creative jewellery designer. It has succeeded in setting superior standards and trends through its extraordinarily original and exquisite collections, which surpass the creations of even the most famous international lines. For the fourth year in a row, Elissa has personified L’AZURDE’s values of beauty, sensuality and originality.
Speaking about the “4 Elements” collection, brand ambassadress Elissa said: “Once I saw the collection I fell in love with the stunning pieces and was impressed with how they each reflect the different elements that make up the beauty of Mother Nature. I am excited to be the face of this new collection and look forward to showing women around the Middle East just how wonderful the 4 Elements collection makes women feel.”
L’AZURDE created the special 2010 “4 Elements” collection with great originality, attention to detail and excellence, giving the collection an exceptional stance in the Middle East and North Africa markets. Some of Italy’s finest jewellery designers worked on these distinct creations, including Marco Arioli, Silvia Botteghi, Ida Callegaro and Meriem Benkortbi, who also design jewellery for a number of celebrated international brands such as Bulgari, Tiffany and Cartier.

L’AZURDE would like to thank the World Gold Council for its efforts in bringing fashion and originality to the gold jewellery market. The council played an important role in the success of L’AZURDE’s “4 Elements” collection. The World Gold Council believes and promotes the power of gold as an enchanting element that makes the ideal refined gift for communicating deep, sincere and truthful emotions.

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