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The Tom Ford Estēe Lauder Collection launched this week exclusively at Harvey Nichols in Mall of the Emirates, the only outlet in the UAE and in the Middle East. Customers anticipated the much requested makeup and fragrance products created by world-renowned designer Tom Ford in collaboration with Estēe Lauder. Professional Estēe Lauder makeup artists were also on site to create the Tom Ford look for guests.

Estēe Lauder announced the collaboration with Tom Ford in April 2005.  The Tom Ford Estēe Lauder Collection is a re-interpretation of select iconic Estēe Lauder products including its famous Youth Dew fragrance and the brand’s original gold fluted makeup packaging.  The initial lineup features 13 items, including the new Youth Dew Amber Nude Fragrance Collection and the new Amber Nude Limited Edition Makeup Collection of lipsticks and compacts in sophisticated nude shades.  Estēe Lauder spokesmodel Carolyn Murphy is featured in the sensual advertising as a reclining nude reminiscent of the nude in the original Youth Dew advertising from 1953.

Tom Ford’s visionary perspective and ability to influence cultural trends make him one of the worlds most sought after designers.  In the past, he potently injected his unique style and sexy imagery into the long-established fashion brands, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, and now, he has conceptualized the ultimate in luxury beauty for Estēe Lauder.  

Speaking about the new collection, Tom Ford commented: “With this fragrance and color collection, I’ve taken Estēe Lauder’s existing vocabulary and tried to reduce it to its purest, most iconic form, making it fresh, modern and contemporary. I drew my inspiration from the brand. My goal was to take the glamour, the history, the quality and the spirit that is Estēe Lauder, and work within that to create a collection for today. It also marks a turn away from disposable beauty, and a return to the ritual of opening a slightly heavy compact and applying a high-quality product with a beautiful applicator. This reflects the intimate side of a woman, at her most glamorous.”

 “We are thrilled that the Tom Ford Estēe Lauder collection is available here in the UAE,” said Ross Donald, Estée Lauder Brand Manager Middle East. “Tom Ford is a fashion industry icon in the same way that Estēe Lauder is a beauty industry icon.  It’s a perfect match of luxury, style and beauty which we are confident will resonate with our consumers here in the UAE and wider Middle East region.”

Two Modern Variations of the Past…
Estēe Lauder introduces exclusively to Harvey Nichols in the UAE the Tom Ford Estēe Lauder Collection. This collaboration begins with the modern re-interpretation of the legendary Youth Dew fragrance and the original gold-fluted makeup packaging.  Capturing and maintaining the rich history of Estēe Lauder, the Youth Dew Amber Nude Limited Edition Fragrance Collection and the Amber Nude Limited Edition Makeup Collection are sophisticated updates that reflect the Tom Ford philosophy of beauty…sensuous and stunning. 

Evoking the Prestigious History of the Brand…
The Tom Ford Estēe Lauder Collection features Tom Ford’s re-interpretation of Estēe Lauder’s signature gold fluting finished with a new amber cabochon closure that makes the packaging a sleek, desirable collectible.  Tom Ford’s singular vision for the collection extends to the Youth Dew Amber Nude bottle as well as to luxurious lipsticks, compacts and a limited edition, numbered minaudiere that is a re-invention of the classic evening clutch.

This marks the first time in Estēe Lauder history that the brand has collaborated with an outside fashion designer.  According to Estēe Lauder Global Brand President, John Demsey, “Tom has the extraordinary capability of reinterpreting and expressing ideas in a totally new and modern way.  I can think of no one better to mine the DNA and heritage of the Estēe Lauder brand than Tom Ford.”


“For me, Youth Dew is an iconic scent. It is the scent that built the house of Estēe Lauder. I took the original Youth Dew fragrance, which is my favorite Estēe Lauder fragrance, and changed it slightly. I also modernized and streamlined the packaging. When you have a wonderful classic like this, you want to keep it pure and true to its heritage. Youth Dew Amber Nude does this in a way that will seduce a young, contemporary woman.”
- Tom Ford

The Youth Dew Amber Nude Limited Edition Fragrance Collection
Responding to the legendary success of Youth Dew, both personally and professionally, Tom Ford was inspired to re-invent an icon. The Youth Dew Amber Nude Limited Edition Fragrance Collection is a completely new, amber-infused reinterpretation of the original that melds elegance and a lustrous sensuality.  The scent evocatively beckons a woman to feel warm and sexy in her bare skin. 

Transforming an Iconic Scent…
While taking inspiration from the seductive core of the original fragrance, the new creation has been lightened to create a radiant amber color and scent -- a rare beauty and a mysterious allure. 

The topnote opens with shimmering gentian flowers and radiant magnolia immersed in freshly grated ginger, fresh tea notes, a hint of succulent grapefruit and a smooth bare skin accord that heightens the sensual qualities of the original.

The potent floral, spicy heart of the original has been revamped to evoke more radiance and modernity.  Seductive spices blend with the original signature red carnations, jasmin and ylang ylang-- only reinventing the rose elements to highlight the intense sensuality of a textured black rose.

In the background, glowing amber balms, like soft light on naked skin, take the place of the darker more traditional notes from the past. Smooth woods such as vetiver and sandalwood are modified to reveal a new fluidity and intimate sexiness. In lieu of drier patchouli found in the original, patchouli heart is used for clarity and rejuvenation. A new natural perfumery element, dark chocolate note, replaces the original vanilla. 

New “Fluted” Luxe Packaging…
Tom Ford drew his inspiration for Youth Dew Amber Nude from the original Youth Dew bottle, particularly the dramatic fluted glass.  To Ford, this “fluted” design element expresses the luxury of the Estēe Lauder brand, and so it has become the most prominent design feature in the Tom Ford Estēe Lauder Collection. 

Subtle modifications such as straighter, finer flutes were incorporated to convey the new minimalism.  The classic nipped waist tied with a gold ribbon, also a signature feature of the original fragrance, has been updated with an amber-colored grosgrain ribbon.  The redesigned cap again features the finely ribbed feature, with the special amber cabochon that adorns every product in the line. 


The outer packaging for each piece in the collection is an exceptionally luxe two-piece box.  The base is made of a gold-wrapped foil, giving it a rich, precious feeling.  Elegantly embossed with the Tom Ford Estēe Lauder Collection logo, the top of the box is swathed in a custom amber fabric. 

The Youth Dew Amber Nude Limited Edition Fragrance Collection includes the Eau De Parfum Spray and Solid Perfume. 

The Sensual Image…
The new advertising image, conceived and directed by Tom Ford, pays homage to the original nude image created by Mrs. Estēe Lauder in 1953 for Youth Dew Bath Oil. 

Estēe Lauder model Carolyn Murphy, symbolizes the evolution of Youth Dew as a sexy modern nude swathed in amber light and fabric. 

“I wanted to literally and figuratively take the Estēe Lauder woman and show the world a different side of her,” says Tom Ford.  “It’s a play on the original concept of the fragrance and the advertising—which was nude, but it’s more discreet, graceful, elegant and quite classic. In a sense, she is not undressed, even though she is nude. It’s a commentary on what fragrance is.”

“The Youth Dew Amber Nude advertising is just as daring as the original -- pure Estēe and pure Tom Ford,” says Aerin Lauder, Estēe Lauder’s Senior Vice President of Global Creative Directions. 


“This collection is very much my philosophy of beauty. I’ve concentrated on nude shades for the lips and nails, which is a look I always love…a neutral mouth, beautiful skin and a dramatic, strong eye. This collection is really one look that works for various skin tones. And I’ve used actual gold in the makeup so that it is very light, very natural, but with a glamorous edge.”
– Tom Ford

The Amber Nude Limited Edition Makeup Collection

The Tom Ford Estēe Lauder Collection presents the Amber Nude Limited Edition Makeup Collection, available for an exclusive period.  With his unique ability to understand and interpret the heritage of iconic brands, fashion designer Tom Ford has revamped and redesigned Estēe Lauder beauty with modern style and luxury for today’s woman.   

Carrying out his vision across the collection, the makeup also features Tom Ford’s packaging concept of the timeless Estēe Lauder gold fluting in lipstick cases and luxurious compacts finished with an amber cabochon closure.

The Allure of Amber and Warm Nudes…
The line itself is deliberately uncomplicated, offering a range of products and colors that compliment varying face shapes and skin tones. 

The color direction includes gradating shades of sophisticated nudes that are infused with gold and amber to create radiance and dimension.  Key products in the line are diaphanously layered with 24-karat gold, suggesting an unconventional era of glamour. 


The mood of the collection is set with The Lip, a luxurious lipstick range that comes in four shades of nudes ranging from light to dark -- Amber Blonde, Spiced Amber, Amber Bronze and Deep Amber.  The creamy-textured formula leaves lips looking soft and sultry.

The two signature products, The Lip Polish and The Face Gloss, both in Amber Nude, contain 24-karat gold that give an opulent gilded effect to the lips and cheeks.  The Lip Polish can be worn alone for a sexy, shimmering look or atop one of The Lip shades to transform the color to a sophisticated, gilded finish.  The Face Gloss was created to accent and highlight features on the face and eyes.  By adding just a touch of this glossy golden shimmer, cheeks and eyes will look wet, sultry and seductive.

Other products included in the collection are The Face, The Bronzer, The Eye Gloss and The Lacquer.  The Face translucent pressed powder smoothes and evens skintone and The Bronzer creates a sexy, sun-kissed look.  The Eye Gloss in Black Amber is key to creating the signature dramatic Tom Ford eye.  The Lacquer in Amber Nude is a high shine, glossy longwearing shade that will define the new nude nail.

The collection also features The Minaudiere, a limited edition, numbered rectangular gold-fluted update on the classic evening clutch.  It contains The Lip Polish and The Face translucent powder, which are also sold separately. 



The Youth Dew Amber Nude Limited Edition Fragrance Collection:

• Youth Dew Amber Nude EDP Spray 75ml  349 Dhs Permanent

• Youth Dew Amber Nude Solid Perfume  624Dhs Limited

The Amber Nude Limited Edition Makeup Collection:

• The Lip      140 Dhs Limited
Amber Blonde
Spiced Amber
Amber Bronze
Deep Amber

• The Lip Polish     140 Dhs Limited
Amber Nude

• The Face (Refillable powder compact)  230 Dhs Limited
Amber Nude

• The Face Gloss     215 Dhs Limited
Amber Nude

• The Eye Gloss     215 Dhs Limited
Black Amber

• The Lacquer      115 Dhs Limited
Amber Nude

• The Minaudière     2646 Dhs Limited
(Incl. The Face and The Lip Polish)

• The Brush      182 Dhs Limited

• The Bronzer Amber     301 Dhs Limited



Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tom Ford is among the most highly respected and successful designers today. His rise in fashion began in 1994 when he took the reigns as Creative Director of Gucci. Not only did he dramatically change the image of the legendary fashion house, he led the company to unprecedented success with his visionary insight into what the modern consumer desires. His innovative and provocative designs set the tone for an entirely new direction in the world of luxury goods. Ford later took creative control of Yves Saint Laurent, a Gucci Group brand, reviving it with his trademark combination of sensuality and mystique.

In April 2005, one year after leaving Gucci Group, Mr. Ford announced the creation of the Tom Ford Brand and in his first strategic move formed an alliance with Estēe Lauder to create the Tom Ford Estēe Lauder collection in time for the Holiday 2005 season. This will be followed by a more extensive collection for Spring 2006. Tom Ford will also create and market with Estēe Lauder a stand alone fragrance and beauty collection under the Tom Ford brand name, slated to launch in Fall 2006.

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