Leading From The Middle

Published April 26th, 2009 - 05:52 GMT

Knowledge Horizon is proud to announce the return of Professor David Morris to the UAE to lead a seminar about Leading From The Middle on May 26th in Abu Dhabi and May 27th in Dubai.

This interactive seminar explores the idea of “leading from the middle” and suggests what the role of “middle leaders” should be in the modern business organisation. We will also explore the differences between what is expected of middle leaders and middle managers and the ways in which middle managers can take on leadership roles. Middle managers often find themselves caught between trying to meet the expectations of senior managers (the C-floor executives) and supporting their colleagues and those they are responsible for and have to manage themselves. This conflict of loyalty is all the more difficult to cope with in times when business conditions are hostile and growth is difficult.

This seminar will not only help middle managers understand and cope with their roles better; it will also help senior managers get the best out of their colleagues by gaining a better understanding of their development needs and being able to help them cope with the unique stresses and contradictions of their jobs.

David Morris is Professor of Business at Coventry University.  He has a BA Degree in Economics and Psychology from Keele University, a Masters in Economics from McMaster University and a PhD from the University of Warwick. He has taught at many universities in the UK and elsewhere including those at Aachen, Nottingham, Warwick and the Open University and has led numerous management workshops in the Gulf, North America, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Maen Qatamin, President of Knowledge Horizon stated that “this is a very important and topical issue in the world of business. We are proud of the success of the first seminar held last month in Abu Dhabi and very pleased that we are able to offer this again for Dubai and Abu Dhabi professionals”.



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