Lebanese army launches raids in north, four arrested

Published November 23rd, 2015 - 09:00 GMT

Lebanese security forces launched fresh raids in north Lebanon Sunday and arrested four people in an ongoing crackdown on suspected militants, a security source told The Daily Star.

The army raided the town of al-Ammar in the district of Akkar and detained Abdul Basset al-Baqar over suspected links to a terror organization. Soldiers also raided a house in the town of Fnaydeq and arrested Moustafa Khayyat over the same suspicions.

Another army patrol raided the house of Habib Aa. in Braqeel and arrested on charges of having links with terror networks.

The Internal Security Forces' Information Branch also arrested Hamad Khayyat after raiding his home in the Tall Hayat area of Akkar.

The source said that the raids were conducted based on confessions made by suspects in the custody of Lebanese security agencies.

Separately Sunday, police opened fire at a Mercedes-Benz that wasn't carrying license plates and was traveling in the opposite direction of traffic on a north Lebanon highway.

The car was pursued until it reached the olympic field in Tripoli's port area. The driver was arrested after an injury compelled him to stop the vehicle.

The army and security agencies have mounted a series of raids in Beirut and the north since the twin suicide blasts that targeted the Beirut southern suburb of Burj al-Barajneh on Nov. 12.

More than 20 people have been arrested since the beginning of the crackdown, many of them over suspected ties to the Burj al-Barajneh attack which killed at least 46 people and wounded more than 200.

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