Lebanese MP Aoun visits Assad in Damascus

Published December 10th, 2009 - 10:15 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Assad and Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun met in Damascus Wednesday where the two leaders stressed the importance of Syrian-Lebanese bilateral relations. “President Assad praised the national role assumed by MP Aoun in the Lebanese political process as he made the interest of Lebanon a priority over any other issue, put serious efforts to strengthen the national unity and continuously backed establishing good ties between the two neighbors,” SANA news agency reported.


The two-hour meeting came exactly a year after Aoun’s previous visit Damascus and as the Lebanese Parliament was evaluating the Cabinet policy statement before accepting the new national unity government a vote of confidence. “Lebanon’s security and stability reflects Syria’s stability and security,” Assad’s top aide Bouthaina Shaaban said.


“President Assad commended during the meeting on General Aoun’s national role on the Lebanese domestic scene given the latter’s efforts to safeguard Lebanon’s interests above all considerations and strengthen national unity as well as his support to establish strong and good ties between both countries,” he added


Aoun traded praises commending Assad’s position toward Lebanon and his support for the country’s unity and sovereignty. In addition to discussing relations between Lebanon and Syria, the two also discussed the importance of coordination among their neighbors to protect Arab rights.


Following the meeting, the President Assad hosted a lunch in honor of Aoun before Aoun returned to Beirut.

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