Lebanese Security Chief Says His Role is to Coordinate Return of Syrian Refugees

Published July 24th, 2018 - 09:45 GMT
Syrian regime valance (Twitter)
Syrian regime valance (Twitter)

General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim said in comments published Tuesday that he will not stop communicating with the Syrian regime as per his designation by the Lebanese president to coordinate the return of refugees to their homeland.

“I haven’t heard complaints from anyone over this designation [to discuss the refugee crisis and security situation with Syrian authorities] or my communication and dialogue with Syria. There are no conditions on this designation and no veto,” Ibrahim said to Al-Akhbar newspaper.

Ibrahim said it’s a common call from Lebanese sides for the safe return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, “so it’s normal for no one to complain over my role, which is to achieve this goal.”

He noted that he “continuously” goes to Syria and that because of this, “many humanitarian and security issues were resolved, Lebanese and non-Lebanese files.”



Ibrahim also said it is his duty to help facilitate the safe return of refugees who want to leave Lebanon for their homeland and that in order to accomplish this, he has routine meetings with Syrian security officials and ministers.

The General Security head has helped secure the release of kidnapped foreigners and Arabs inside Syria using his communications with Syrian officials, he noted.

“I have only seen cooperation from the Syrian authorities in files we have discussed, and there are no preconditions on Lebanon for the return of Syrian refugees,” Ibrahim said.


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