Lebanon foils multiple drug networks

Published July 26th, 2014 - 04:06 GMT

Lebanese police said Saturday that they uncovered six drug trafficking networks specialized in smuggling Captagon pills abroad, arresting seven persons involved.

On July 20, Airport security foiled an attempt to smuggle 15 kilograms of Captagon pills -- around 8,200 pills -- into an unspecified Arab country. The pills were stashed in the bag of a 26-year-old Syrian man, identified by his initials as A.D.

Interrogation of the detainee lead police to uncover six networks operating in Lebanon that were comprised of 35 people, the Internal Security Forces said in a statement.

Police were also able to identify means used to manufacture and stash the pills, saying the suspects used a “high level of professionalism" to smuggle the drugs.

The drugs were placed in either handbags or envelopes set to be transported abroad, the statement said.

The detainee told police about the locations of six members of the networks, who security agencies were able to arrest during separate raids.

They were identified as five Lebanese and one Syrian.

Police confiscated 3.4 kilograms of Captagon pills during the raids on the suspects' locations.

Authorities in Lebanon are coordinating with other countries to identify further members of the networks.

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